About Emma ♥ J.I.M.

Emma is FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences and Reuschlings entry for the 2018 IMechE Railway Challenge. Emma is driven by a 1 kW hydrogen fuel cell, super capacitors and permanent magnet synchronous motors – and J.I.M., Reuschlings innovative monitoring solution.

Participation 2018

The team is made up of 16 students of diverse disciplines, ranging from biomedical engineering via computer science to rail vehicle engineering and trainees and young employees of our main sponsor Reuschling. In 2018 we participated for the second time and became fourth! Of the nine teams that competed, we took fourth place, a significant increase. Last year we were 9th out of 11. All results and scores can be found on the IMechE page. We had a lot of fun in England and learned a lot. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to try ourself out as a railway engineer.

Participation 2017

We took a head start last year and decided to build Emma from scratch – and made it almost in time for the competition. In fact we were the first overseas team to the competition. All of us really enjoyed it!



Today we had our first team meeting for the Railway Challenge 2019.
There were some students and again our two apprentices from Reuschling. We have formed working teams and worked out a project plan and of course we have two new team leaders: Lukas …


The weekend at the DMG was interesting for Emma and her companions.

Of course we hope for new sponsors, so if you are interested in booking a sponsoring package, please contact Raphael Pfaff. You can find the contact in the

DMG Annual Conference 2018

The DMG (Deutsche Maschinentechnische Gesellschaft) is currently holding its annual conference in Cottbus. Emma arrived with a few team members and is now promoting the project and herself.

Here you can see how she just arrived at the hotel.


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