Conference MINTeinander: Mobility needs women

On 7 May, Emma set off for Berlin with Daniela, Kady and Robin. In Berlin she was expected by the Pro-Rail Alliance. On 8 and 9 May, the conference “MINTeinander im digitalen Wandel – Mobilität braucht Frauen” took place at the EUREF Campus. There, Emma advertised for the Rail Vehicle Technology degree course and above all for the IMechE Railway Challenge project.
Here are a few impressions of the conference:

Copyright: Allianz pro Schiene/ Stephan Röhl
Copyright: Allianz pro Schiene/ Stephan Röhl
Copyright: Allianz pro Schiene/ Stephan Röhl
Copyright: Allianz pro Schiene/ Stephan Röhl

Further impressions and information can be found on the website of the Pro-Rail Alliance (German only).

Guest contribution: A test bench for EMMA

Hello, my name is Kerstin, I come from a girls school in Monschau and did an internship at the FH for two weeks. I came to the FH through the HIT. During my internship I was given the task of building a test bench for the EMMA locomotive. First I thought about a construction and then I drew the necessary parts as sketches. It took quite a long time because I had to get into the program first. Then it was: Assemble! At least on the computer.

The test bench as a model

Most of the parts I needed were ordered in advance. When almost all the parts were there, I roughly put them together. But since not all parts were there yet, the screwing together had to wait.

Finally the last parts were there and so I could, with the help of the sketch I made beforehand, connect the profiles with angles. In addition, I attached rods to both sides of the test stand so that the locomotive would not roll down later.

Assembly drawing of the test bench

I was also able to screw on the feet, but they were still too long and had to be shortened. Therefore I went to the workshop the next day, where I sawed the feet shorter and filed off sharp edges. One part I had to make in the workshop. A roll holder, where later the rolls come in, on which the locomotive stands.

For this I provided the sketch with measurements and brought them to the workshop. An aluminium rod was first sawn into eight equal pieces. Then a machine finished the roll holders. The machine had to be programmed correctly before it could start.

Drawong of a comonent

When the parts were finished the next day, I was finally able to finish building the test stand. So I screwed the roller holders to the test stand and then inserted the rollers and screwed them tight. Afterwards I tightened all screws again, so that they were properly tightened. But the roll holders weren’t in the right place yet, so I had to check it later. Therefore the EMMA locomotive was lifted to the test bench and the rollers were adjusted correctly.

Emma on the test bench

And this is how it looks like:

HIT 2019, wir sind dabei!

Heute ist Hochschulinformationstag an der Fachhochschule in Aachen. Natürlich sind wir mit unserer Emma vertreten. Wir machen hier Werbung für den Studiengang Schienenfahrzeugtechnik und sind auch immer auf der Suche nach neuen Migliedern für unser Team EmmaLovesJIM.

Kommt vorbei, hier habt ihr die Möglichkeit, die Arbeit des Teams hautnah zu erleben.

Ihr findet uns noch bis 16 Uhr in der Eupenerstraße 70, 52066 Aachen, im Gebäude 1 direkt am Eingang.

Happy new year!

The first team meeting of the year took place today. We hope that all of you survived the turn of the year well. We made a cost calculation for this year and talked about the development status of the new locomotive. It was also clarified that Emma is at several events this year. That’s also why we’re working on a new locomotive. Of course, a lot has to be ordered again. The design also has to stand for spnsoring. That’s why we’ll meet again next week.

At the same time we are running a test to determine the spring stiffness of our printed spring.

As is typical of students, there has to be a measurable measure of the force acting on them: a beer pallet.



Today we had our first team meeting for the Railway Challenge 2019.
There were some students and again our two apprentices from Reuschling. We have formed working teams and worked out a project plan and of course we have two new team leaders: Lukas and Robin. Congratulations! So the next challenge can come!


The weekend at the DMG was interesting for Emma and her companions.

Of course we hope for new sponsors, so if you are interested in booking a sponsoring package, please contact Raphael Pfaff. You can find the contact in the imprint.

And if you still don’t know what we’re doing, take a look at this year’s video:

DMG Annual Conference 2018

The DMG (Deutsche Maschinentechnische Gesellschaft) is currently holding its annual conference in Cottbus. Emma arrived with a few team members and is now promoting the project and herself.

Here you can see how she just arrived at the hotel.

Further information about the DMG and the annual conference 2018 can be found here.

TNT 2018

Over the long weekend the ‘Tierisch netten Tage’ (TNT), the first semester trip of Faculty 8 of the FH Aachen, took place. In addition to getting to know their fellow students and professors outside the university, the students also had to solve various problems.

Emma lent two sets of wheels for the task of the study programme. You can see what was done with them here:

Last meeting before Railway Challenge

We just had our last team meeting before the challenge.

Beside the short discussion of the test drive, we discussed what we still have to do for England. Many things are already going well and above all much better than last year, but there is still a lot to be done. For example, the Twitterbot is not yet ready, or the front lamps are not yet soldered. But that’s no problem for the start to England.

But now we have a plan what we want to do before departure. Tomorrow the fuel cell will be put into operation, the energy recovery display programmed and the tools for the wheelset change ready. Next week we want to put the system into operation on site.

But we also finished the food planning for England and planned tasks for departure and food shopping. That means the tension on the challenge and the joy on it increases.